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The Ministry of the Church Ushers are the hands and feet of the Liturgy. Its primary role is to help with the flow of the Mass from beginning to the end. We, as ushers, help to maintain order and establish proper decorum in our place of worship. Ushers attend to the needs of the congregation in order for the faithful to experience the joy of worship.

A brief description of some of the responsibilities of an usher includes: 

  • Welcoming and greeting parishioners and assisting in seating, if needed. 

  • Inviting others to be the gifts (bread and wine) bearer or to bring forward the collection baskets for offerings. 

  • Support other ministries such as the Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharist with directing the flow of parishioners during the distribution of Holy Communion.

  • Help with the distribution of the weekly bulletins and other reading material that helps keep our community informed. 

  • Help maintain the sanctity of the church by arranging the gifts table as well as the ambassadors tables, etc. But most of all we try to bring a smile to all people and try to be a welcoming presence to all parishioners.

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