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The Altar Server Ministry at St. Theresa Parish aims to enrich our children with true knowledge, deep appreciation and active participation in our Catholic Faith, i.e. to help young people live a faithful life through serving at the Altar of God.

At St. Theresa Parish, Altar Servers start as early as 3rd Grade. This honor and privilege is being offered to both boys and girls who have been baptized, have received their First Holy Communion, and who attend Mass regularly. We give them hands-on training and allow them to shadow for the first few times until they build confidence and want to begin serving.

There are four levels of servers: Beginner Altar Servers, Altar Servers, Senior Altar Servers, and Young Servant Leaders. Every Altar Server advances to the next level by demonstrating their Learning knowledge, serving competency, and Leading skill. 

We appreciate all the effort that our Altar Servers put into the ministry and hope that they continue their charitable service as they grow and mature in faith to other ministries.


For more information, please contact: 

Ministry in English 

Marco Canducci

Ministry in Spanish

Luz Jaramillo

Server Qualifications:
– Registered/Active Parish Family
–Completion of Third Grade
–Recipient of the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist

Server Expectations
– Weekly Mass Attendance
–Regular reception of Reconciliation and Eucharist
–Ability to Recite basic prayers of the Mass (after training)
–Commitment to the Program by both the server and the parent

Program at a Glance:

  • Servers will be ranked according to knowledge, experience, and performance.

    1. Rank progression: Beginner Altar Servers, Altar Servers, Senior Altar Servers, and Young Servant Leaders

    2. Higher ranked servers will have more responsibilities and more opportunities for serving (e.g. Weddings, Funerals)

  • Parental Support is required for servers to be successful.

    1. Read all program communication, txt, e-mail & training materials.

    2. Ensure timely arrival to assignments (20 minutes before Mass)

    3. Obtain qualified substitutes as needed.

    4. Support of the program in general

Steps to becoming an Altar Server:​

  • Attend a 1-hour Parent and Child Informational Meeting (both parent and child must attend)

  • ​Attend one, 90 minute “Show and Tell/Demonstration” Training Session

To find out more about our next Class formation, contact our Altar Server Ministry.

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